Comic Book Storage Supplies: Best Bags, Boards, and Bins for Your Collection

individual handles comic books from inside cardboard boxes
Keeping one’s comic book collection safe via proper storage is crucial to preserve its future value. (Photo via Pixabay)

Using the best comic book storage supplies is paramount to preserving your comics’ value and condition. Comic books are not just entertainment; they are historical artifacts, cultural treasures, and valuable investments. To prevent damage, several precautions should be taken. They include using comic book bags, boards, and the ideal storage boxes or bins to keep them safe. Here we’ll look at our favorite items for each of these aspects of comic book preservation.

Comic Book Storage: Bags and Boards

Always store comics in acid-free, archival-quality bags with acid-free backing boards to protect against moisture, light, and dust. Avoid touching the pages directly to prevent oils and dirt from transferring.

The ideal bags are suited to the specific size requirements, whether golden, silver, or modern. Ensure they are the proper size to fit the bags you’re using, or they won’t work right. Again, opt for BCW as one of the best brands available on the market.

Best Comic Book Storage Boxes or Bins

Where you store your collection is a significant component of keeping it safe from harm. It’s best to keep your comics in temperature-controlled containers away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. A cool, dry environment prevents yellowing, mold, and paper degradation. Additionally, organizing comics in boxes with dividers or using acid-free storage boxes will prevent bending and warping.

Here are some popular BCW comic book storage boxes which are affordable and easy to assemble. You’ll be able to place your comics inside them in no time.

Many collectors are fine using standard cardboard short or long boxes for comic storage. However, we prefer the BCW Short Comic Book Bin. These are heavy-duty, acid-free plastic comic bins and are super protective. They have latching tops that lock into place and handles on both ends for easy transport.

Each comic book bin has a sturdy partition divider to place inside the bin to help keep your comics sorted. Additionally, they are stackable due to their construction, allowing collectors to stack these six bins to optimize space.

Handle Your Valuable Comic Books Safely

Finally, handling comics with clean hands or gloves is crucial to prevent smudging, tearing, or fingerprint marks. By treating comic books as valuable artifacts and implementing proper storage measures, collectors can ensure the longevity and preservation of their beloved comics for future generations to appreciate.

Your indie, Marvel, and DC Comics issues are worth protecting. Having the right comic book storage supplies is essential. Using bags, boards, boxes, and bins will go a long way to preserving your collection’s value!

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