Punchline DC Comics First Appearance: Where Was the Character Introduced for Her Batman Debut?

punchline dc comics cover
Punchline’s comic book debut could become a major key for collectors. (Image via DC Comics)

The Punchline DC Comics first appearance is likely a sought-after collectible by many fans of the Batman comic books. She’s a unique new character introduced into the Dark Knight mythos who is likely to become a cosplay favorite with new female characters like Gwen Stacy and Gwenpool.

Before her official debut in Batman #89 in February 2020, Punchline had already sparked a lot of interest from retailers and collectors. Her impending arrival quickly increased prices to acquire her first appearance on the secondary market. As of this writing, her first appearance issues still command a decent price.

Who is Punchline in DC Comics?

Punchline’s real identity is Alexis Kaye, originally a high school student on a field trip to a television studio. However, the Joker hijacked the studio and held Alexis at gunpoint, forcing her to read a message for Gotham on TV. 

Batman saved Alexis, but she became obsessed with the Joker. Due to her belief that the villain’s crimes had a greater purpose, she ultimately became his right-hand woman.

Punchline is considered an “anti-Harley Quinn,” who is a “silent and intimidating serial killer.”

Punchline made her DC Comics debut in Batman

In comic books, Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC’s Batman tend to rule when it comes to superhero popularity. With that, any new characters introduced in their various comics tend to catch fans’ interest. Punchline certainly grabbed attention with her debut in the Batman comics. It’s led to her becoming a cover star and getting her own titles as well.

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latest punchline comics available
Following her Batman debut, Punchline now appears in her own DC Comics titles. (Photo via TFAW)

When popular writer James Tynion took the reins of the Batman title back then, Punchline became a noteworthy addition to Batman characters. Despite the initial focus of Tynion’s run being the introduction of a new villain known as the Designer in Batman #86, Punchline captivated readers and gained popularity.

Punchline’s official debut in Batman #89 didn’t seem like a whole lot, as only her mouth is visible. In the comic book panels, she talks with the Joker about plans which are part of The Joker War crossover event.

punchline debut panels in batman 89
Punchline speaks to the Joker at end of Batman #89. (Photo via DC Comics)

Punchline’s first complete appearance and origin issue

Punchline’s first complete appearance was in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3, also written by Tynion. Although it was a small moment, it held a significant impact. The Joker, known for his twisted sense of humor, amusingly declared Punchline to be the funniest girl he had ever encountered. That unknowingly foreshadowed the chaos she unleashed in Batman’s flagship title.

In June, readers got to see Punchline’s origin story in The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1. Surprisingly, the new DC Comics character’s backstory was revealed quickly. Other characters’ origins have been mysterious for years or even decades, but Punchline’s background is now known.

For those who believe there’s a debate over the Punchline DC Comics first appearance, DC’s Wiki page for the character officially lists Batman #89 (2020) as the key issue.

Punchline got her own one-shot and other comic titles

In January 2021, there was the Punchline one-shot, which DC Comics revealed as the character’s first comic title of her own. In 2022, a six-issue series called Punchline the Gotham Game debuted and continued into 2023.

Comic book fans can see Punchline appear in Batman and her newer title, Punchline the Gotham Game, available at TFAW and other comic book sellers.

latest punchline comics available
Following her Batman debut, Punchline now appears in her own DC Comics titles. (Photo via TFAW)

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