Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Game: Trailer, Release Date, and PS5 Pre-Order Details

marvel spider man 2 game screenshot
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has Miles and Spidey teaming up. (Photo via: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game is the much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 title. Spidey is set to swing back onto the gaming scene with even more thrilling web-slinging action and an expanded open-world experience.

Developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Marvel’s game looks like an immersive superhero adventure for fans of the iconic wall-crawler. With a wealth of exciting features and improved graphics, the game is sure to captivate players on its release. Here’s what’s on the way including how to pre-order a copy ahead of the release date.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Platforms and Release Date

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game is available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 (PS5). This takes full advantage of PS5’s powerful hardware capabilities.

A PlayStation Showcase video first announced the game to fans several years ago, indicating the game would arrive in 2023. The YouTube video below now has 29 million views and counting.

The game’s official release date is October 20, 2023. Fans have ample time to mark their calendars and prepare for another incredible superhero journey.

Pre-orders are now available at various video game stores and online sellers.

You can pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at Amazon to get your copy as soon as possible.

marvel spider man 2 video game
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

Prices will vary based on which edition is purchased for the upcoming PS5 game. For example, the Launch Edition at Amazon has a pre-order price of $69.99.

It’s also worth noting that the previous Spider-Man game ended up being available on PC, so stay tuned!

Spider-Man 2 Features and Gameplay

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Spider-Man 2 will bring a host of new features and improvements to the table. Players will once again step into the shoes of comic book hero Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man, as well as his protege, Miles Morales. The game promises an enthralling narrative that explores the complex dynamics of their partnership and puts their unique abilities to the test.

The expansive open-world New York City will serve as the backdrop for the superhero action, offering players an even larger playground to swing through and explore. Enhanced graphics and ray-tracing technology will bring the city to life in stunning detail, allowing players to truly feel like they’re traversing the urban jungle.

What Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game editions are available?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available in several editions, catering to different fans’ preferences. The Standard Edition will include the base game, providing hours of immersive gameplay.

The PS5 Launch Edition of the game (below) includes an early unlock of the Arachknight Suit for Peter with three color variants. It also includes early unlock of the Shadow-Spider Suit for Miles with three color variants, a Web Grabber gadget early unlock, and plus 3 Skill Points.

marvel spider man 2 video game
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

Additionally, players can opt for the Digital Deluxe Edition ($79.99). This edition grants access to post-launch content and downloadable extras, expanding the Spider-Man experience beyond the base game. This edition will include a season pass, providing access to future expansions, new suits, and additional missions.

For avid collectors and die-hard fans, there’s a Collector’s Edition ($229). It’s packed with additional bonuses, such as a collectible statue, an art book, and exclusive in-game content.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release date and pre-order

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is poised to be a standout title, offering fans of the beloved superhero an exhilarating and immersive gaming experience. With its release exclusively on PlayStation 5, players can expect improved graphics, expanded gameplay, and a captivating storyline.

Whether swinging through the city, engaging in high-octane combat, or exploring Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ relationship, Spider-Man 2 looks worth it. Mark your calendars for October 20, 2023, and prepare to don the Spidey suit once again for an unforgettable adventure.

Pre-order a copy below so you can swing into action with Spidey and Miles!

marvel spider man 2 video game
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

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