New ‘Star Wars Screaming Citadel’ Issue for Comic Book Collectors

star wars screaming citadel comic one shot
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If you’ve got a “Star Wars” enthusiast in your life, you know just how crazy they can get when it comes to anything related to the sci-fi movies! There seems to be a brand new movie coming out every year now but sometimes the wait until that next movie hits theaters feels like forever (for fans). However, a brand new comic book has arrived that fans may enjoy.

This new comic is called “Star Wars Screaming Citadel” and is a one shot. That means it’s just a one issue deal with the story inside. This particular installment is interesting in that it features a well-known character, Luke Skywalker, and a brand new character, Dr. Aphra. She was featured in the Darth Vader comic books and eventually had her own “Star Wars” series come out too.

So major fans of all the sci-fi fantasy folklore will definitely want to check this one out because you never know if it will end up being part of a future film!

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